Laptops have stayed pretty much the same since the time they were launched. They have a screen, keyboard, and a trackpad mouse attached. But have we ever wondered that apart from when we are typing the keyboard is just lying there consuming about 40-50% of real estate that could be used for other things.

We faced the same dilemma when the iPhone was launched. The market was ruled by Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola and all of them had most of the front-facing side covered by a keyboard. This thinking was entirely changed with the iPhone. Sure there were touchscreen phones before that but none of them became as popular.

A keyboard is a physical thing which cannot be changed once the laptops are shipped and all the apps, websites and software we are using on our laptops require different sets of inputs.

We do have some dual screen laptops coming ex. Asus made a prototype a few days ago.

But on the other side, we do not just want another screen as a keyboard. I hate typing on my iPad and I guess you feel the same. I love the touch and feel of the physical keyboard which in sense makes me type faster.

But I still feel Apple can make dual screen laptop work. Here’s why. They can use their haptic feedback technology which they used to replace the physical button on the iPhone 7 with a force touchpad. Now that’s a touchscreen which feels like a button. They can use that to replace the keyboards on the MacBooks.

Laptops have to get rid of the keyboard and now is the high time. And I think Apple can do it Again 🙂

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